“When plant process improvements align with enterprise goals, digital transformation enjoys the most success,” explains Helen Titus, marketing and sales leader at Panasonic IIoT. Digital transformation (aka Industry 4.0 IIoT automation) is on every plant [...]

When you begin on the path to digitizing and streamlining your material flow management, you will have some specific, tangible benefits in mind. These tangible benefits are part of your rationale to justify the effort [...]

At the recent North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit, our team had the opportunity to meet with an abundance of manufacturing pros looking for ways to solve challenges facing the industry. From engaging conversations at our [...]

Digital Work Instruction means getting rid of confusing, outdated, and wasteful paper communications and putting the right information in front of the right employees exactly when they need it. It can be used on its [...]

Real-time location systems (RTLS) have become increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry for plant managers and executives looking to improve the speed and accuracy of their operations. The reason? Traceability. By using wireless tags attached [...]

Manufacturing isn’t a static field. Things change. Processes improve. And through these changes and improvements, new issues arise that leave manufacturers scratching their heads and rubbing their brow. To get the pulse of the industry, [...]

When you are calculating an ROI on an investment in plant automation or digital transformation, the ultimate benefit will be to make your facility more flexible, more agile, and more ready to meet your customers’ [...]

This doesn’t have to be a difficult question, because to us, the answer is obvious: Begin with a win. At the outset, establish your criteria for success. Look at the low-hanging fruit. Pick an area [...]

Scanning a factory floor for the material you need can be a tedious, time-consuming process. Can you locate the asset using only your eyes? We’d bet Logiscend provides a simpler solution. Imagine this: you’re on [...]

“Paperless Manufacturing” starts with moving data from pages and labels to screens but goes much deeper to include automated data capture, industrial touchscreens, and direct connections between systems to avoid handling completely. Where are you [...]

Reliable and accurate part replenishment is a critical component of smart material flow management. As just-in-sequence manufacturing becomes more and more important, replenishment strategies have to keep up to maintain schedules and satisfy customers. Kanban. [...]

With the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) hitting the 10-year mark, there is no shortage of IoT technologies available. In fact, the key to manufacturers’ success so far has been their ability to correctly integrate [...]