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Manufacturing Solutions: From Simple Track and Trace to Complete Process Control

While you’re reading this, millions of containers, carts and sub-assemblies are moving through factories around the globe with their movement controlled by paper labels…but the manufacturing world is changing and paper labels can no longer keep up!

Today’s “On-demand” manufacturing environment requires the ability for mass customization & product options, multiple models running on the same line and unprecedented supply chain complexity.

Paper-based processes simply cannot provide the real-time visibility and control that factories need to manage this increasingly complex environment – Logiscend’s Manufacturing Solutions can help provide the process visibility and control you require, without the paper.

The Logiscend Manufacturing Solutions powered by Passive, Active or e-Paper based RFID tags and customized asset tracking software enable process efficiencies such as:

  • Automate Inventory – eliminate manual processes and auditing for WIP and finished goods
  • Reduce cycle times – real time RTI tracking and supply chain visibility
  • Reduce shrinkage – automatically track containers, tool inventory and location
  • Ensure Compliance – create maintenance alerts, store production data through a cycle and download reports for auditing
  • No more paper tagging – save time and costs associated with paper labels

Logiscend: Industrial IoT for Material Flow Management

Logiscend is the first Industrial IoT-based system to offer a true paperless workflow for manufacturing. Logiscend combines the immediate reliability and visual instruction inherent with paper labels along with automated tracking, and capability for two-way human interaction – all inherent in Industrial IoT technologies (and with a 12–18 month ROI!).

What makes Logiscend different than other Material Flow Management solutions? It’s simple — traditional paper labeling provides simple visual instruction, but with minimal tracking and automation. RFID provides the tracking but fails to provide the visual instruction or two-way communication/verification necessary for workers. Only Logiscend combines these elements to form a powerful new paradigm — instruct + track + dynamic control — enabling smart manufacturing for an IoT world. From visual Picking and Replenishment to automated Container Management and location-based Work Instructions – Logiscend adds the flexibility you need to dynamically control your process and create efficiencies.

Learn more about Logiscend | Logiscend Promo Sellsheet

Storing Production Data Through a Cycle

Long read-range, rugged tags offer a hands-free, cost effective and safe way to store and access process data through each manufacturing step – right on the plant floor. Ensure compliance and quality (and assure no missed steps!). Global frequency, standardized product provides seamless movement throughout the supply chain.

Tracking Production History, Tools and Product Lifecycle

Utilize custom and embedded RFID for in-process/production tracking, to reduce shrinkage through tool tracking and to store key product information and specifications in finished goods for retail or end user deployment. Cost effective and highly durable, custom bolt and hitchpin tags can be reused cycle after cycle. Tool tracking provides for automated maintenance and repair tracking, alerts when tools are missing or when maintenance is necessary, ensuring the safety of workers and compliance. Finished goods warranty, maintenance and product tracking is easy for your end users and customers, embedded RFID stores the information inside the product when you ship it.

RTI Management

Track and manage cycling containers to provide automated real-time inventory, product history, delivery accuracy and cost savings throughout supply chain and production processes. With a wide range of tags and labels provide a variety of form factors and cost points to track all of your containers.

Tracking product/part history for on-time and accurate delivery in production to increase uptime and ensure quality is simplified. Automate RTIs tracking through tier suppliers and back to eliminate RTI shrinkage & appropriate billing to suppliers if containers are not returned.

Finished Goods

Count and locate finished goods inventory in warehouse or yards to provide accurate planning for shipping and to ensure correct sequencing (first off, last on) when loading. With a variety of form factors and read ranges provide increased inventory accuracy and geo locate, as well as automatic notification when/if goods move location.

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