How does Panasonic’s Logiscend™ solution compare to other Pick systems?

Research shows that pick-to-paper is still the most popular system for picking and kitting parts. However, enterprise manufacturers are finding that much greater speed in turnaround — and much greater flexibility in customizing orders — is required to keep up with customers’ demands. Paper is not capable of offering these game-changing improvements.

Pick-to-Light systems offer improvements but have some serious limitations — for example, since they are wired into the local infrastructure of the plant, it can be both costly and labor-intensive to scale or reconfigure the system. And although user actions with the lights allows some interactivity, there is no way to communicate exceptions or errors, or to receive instructions which might change based on conditions. Panasonic’s Logiscend™ solution delivers on these points — and more — taking manufacturing into the realm of Industry 4.0.

Comparison of Panasonic’s Logiscend system, Pick-to-Paper and Pick-to-Light

The Logiscend solution consists of

  • The software platform for integration with multiple facility workflows
  • The hardware for tracking and tracing assets
  • The engineering support to design and implement the best solution

Logiscend has been proven to help a Tier 1 manufacturer cut labor in half, training by 90%, and cut out 100% of paper costs, while driving ongoing Kaizen quality improvement. Only Panasonic’s Logiscend solution delivers the visual impact of paper without its high carbon footprint, plus the flexibility that the full scope of wireless IIoT can provide.

“It was much easier than I thought to convert to the Panasonic Logiscend IIoT pick module. Once the server and gateway were in place, we reconfigured one warehouse picking site in a couple of hours, and immediately, pickers learned the system and were outperforming their previous efforts. In the first week, we learned more about the strengths and weaknesses of our Pick process than we ever knew. We never looked back.

– Automotive customer on their Proof of Concept experience

We are confident that after you experience the benefits of Logiscend on your first assembly line, you will wish to expand the installation across multiple lines and multiple plants. Our team of dedicated engineers and the entire Panasonic organization will stand behind you, working for your success and the success of your manufacturing facilities. Speak to one of our Solutions Engineers now.

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