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View Tags

View Tags

An ideal choice for durable, repetitive labeling in harsh environments, The View Tags offer three sizes of electrophoretic display (e-paper).

Designed to replace paper labels in cyclic processes, supply chain operations and dynamic barcode label tasks, View tags add the benefit of an electronically re-writable surface to advanced RFID tracking technologies. With the addition of the lighted Button Accessory, a light-directed system improves order accuracy and picking efficiency.

System Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management: In addition to our broad range of industrial RFID tags, we offer simple and cost effective Asset Tracking software options. Our professional services team along with our network of partners will work with you to design a solution that is just right for your business – working together with your existing systems and processes. From the oil & gas fields to supporting the largest social media company in the world, we’ve designed and implemented solutions for some of the most challenging asset management applications around the globe.

Manufacturing Solutions: Replace the paper and get real-time visibility and control of material flows. Logiscend is the only system solution on the market utilizing a trackable, interactive e-paper tag to provide both asset tracking and dynamic visual instructions – right on the asset. Turn your paper-labeled bins into “smart containers” and know the state, location and condition of every item on the factory floor.

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