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Streamline your material flow automation with Logiscend

Our custom material flow solutions utilize a proven modular software platform allowing you to address the needs that are most important to your factory with seamless integration to your existing manufacturing execution systems.

For over 100 years, Panasonic has been renowned as a high-quality manufacturer of consumer goods. Logiscend by Panasonic provides a modular software platform and a team of experienced software and field application engineers to leverage the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology to solve problems in manufacturing material flow.

What is Logiscend?

Logiscend began as a single purpose software project designed around a customer’s desire to improve their material delivery to their assembly line. Since its inception, Logiscend has grown into a robust software platform designed as a springboard for hundreds of different types of material flow optimization projects. We recognize that every manufacturer (and every production line) has unique needs, so we have designed this platform to be customized to your exact use case, unlike an off the shelf solution that forces you to change the way you work to conform to the way the software requires, or a custom piece of software that requires beginning from scratch. Our SAAS module ensures that as Logiscend evolves with each implementation your implementation can take advantage of the knowledge and features to the platform to continually expand to enhance material flow.

Logiscend provides the best of custom development, and the best of a proven platform, all in one solution!


Consulting is the cornerstone our our platform and is one of the things that makes or solution unique. We’ve consulted with hundreds of manufacturing facilities over the years, and it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two! Let us put our experience to work for you by scheduling a phone consultation or visit to your facility to learn more about how we can help you.

  Logiscend Platform Benefits Custom Software Solution
Cost SAAS subscription based. Fixed costs with integrated upgrades and enhancements. Significant Upfront Engineering Costs with no long term support or evolution.
Timeline Rapid. Leveraging existing features of the platform, we minimize the time from inception to reality. Long – no starting platform to utilize. Starting from the very beginning.
Reliability Proven and tested.  Actual usage at other customer sites, major bugs have been ironed out years ago. New deployment, unknown stability. Bugs identified while implementing
Support Continuous Support.  Platform, server and hardware compatibilities are constantly monitored and updated. Staffed phone line available to help. Solution is only guaranteed to work properly immediately upon completion. No guarantee that hired company retains knowledge of software to make future improvements or fixes.
Integration Seamless Integration. With our restful API interface, we can integrate into virtually any existing MES or ERP systems. Custom integration possible requires API development that needs to be built and tested.
Form, Fit, Feel Robust  plaftform based on hundreds of implementations Has to be designed from the ground up and may not have flexible growth.

Increase accuracy and efficiency on your production line. Read case study for full details.

Why Logiscend?


Better visibility to your assets and processes

Ditch the paper labels and enter the world of Industry 4.0. Logiscend is a data-driven system, and data is the key to Industry 4.0. Our constantly evolving software and active/passive RFID technology — such as the interactive, paperless display tags — allow full advantage of location-aware assets with visibility over multiple production years.

Our Replenishment solution accounts for missing and broken parts — a true just-in-sequence solution — and the threshold alerts eliminate the need to have workers walking the line to check inventory. Our Asset Tracking and Smart Container applications provide visibility of material throughout the entire manufacturing process, allowing you to trace assets and containers over time, and benefit from automatic data collection. The Logiscend system can help your company save substantial amounts in missing parts and extra labor by streamlining your operations, reducing waste and optimizing labor.


Improve workforce accuracy

Our research into plant productivity trends shows that worker turnover is affecting production, and new worker training is consuming valuable time and resources.

With Logiscend, your workforce will benefit from interactive displays, dynamic instructions, and ease of use — with low to little training required. Your bottom line will benefit from reduction in errors, improved production, and significantly reduced training time. See how the Logiscend Kitting applications improved worker efficiency.

Improve workforce accuracy


Quick installation process

The Logiscend material flow management solution is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to fit into your budget. Panasonic has done the hard work up front — creating the Logiscend software platform with integrated hardware — so specifying and installing the entire system for your plant is both fast and easy, compared to custom-built solutions.

We take pride in our unique ability to get the material flow management system online quickly, keeping your downtime to the bare minimum. The Logiscend solution integrates seamlessly into your plant IT infrastructure, and the system’s wireless capability makes reconfiguring the lines a snap, reducing downtime even further. Once the first system is in place, additional systems are even easier to install, allowing you to stretch your budget further. Find out how long your system installation will take.

Reduce the complexity in your factories

Enterprise manufacturing facilities have too many moving parts to easily accommodate multiple custom applications from small integrators. Panasonic can help with Logiscend: one reliable platform for material flow management which includes hardware, software, and the engineering services to provide the best solution for your specific needs.

One platform means that all of the lines in the factory and all of the factories in your network can be integrated on one software platform, with easy-to-use dashboard metrics at line level and seamless integration with your corporate ERP/MES system. One platform means less work for your IT Department, and less training required for your workforce. One platform means a win for Industry 4.0 manufacturing optimization — especially since it is supported by the engineering prowess of one of the most respected companies in the world. Panasonic is reinventing the factory with deep system expertise, legendary reliability and Logiscend. See how one platform can benefit your factory.

Reduce the complexity in your factories

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