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Work Instructions: Dynamic Instruction and Workflow Routing


Instruction module provides the ability to send the appropriate instruction to the View Tags on the factory floor to instruct the operators automatically. The Logiscend Work Instruction Module provides the ability to manage your containers, re-schedule or re-direct jobs by rack or container, track the QA process and automatically count inventory for WIP items.

Compared to expensive, static paper labels, this system is an exponential leap forward in cost savings, quality and the ability to manage the increasing complexity in modern manufacturing. Buttons on the tags allow operators to respond to or confirm instruction, providing the two-way communication necessary for process efficiency.

  • Download Fact SheetReal-time instruction & operator feedback
  • Dynamic instructions based on locations
  • Instant quality or hold instructions
  • Re-route materials to respond to changes in Workflow
  • Enable faster productivity in temporary work forces and enhanced procedure compliance
  • Programmable buttons provide tracking and reporting
  • Auto capture of “as built” records
    – Pages saved as permanent records for compliance
    – Time stamps and digital signatures
  • Manager dashboards provide real-time visibility into state and location of WIP
  • Simple infrastructure and setup


Panasonic Logiscend Promo Sheet

Overview Promo Sellsheet


Work Instructions Brochure

Work Instructions Brochure

Dynamic Instruction Delivery

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