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Pick: Ensures an Accurate and Efficient Process Providing Visual Cues & Instruction

Getting the right parts to the right place at the right time in any factory starts with ensuring an accurate picking or kitting of those parts from the warehouse or other “shopping” location.

Paper-based or other manual (barcode) processes are highly error-prone and inefficient when it comes to ensuring the correct parts are located and selected by operators. The Logiscend Pick Application Module ensures an accurate and efficient process by providing visual cues AND instruction for operators at the pick location.

A wireless View Tag is placed at the pick location (bin, rack, shelf) — the color of the screen tells the operator where to pick and the instruction on the tag verifies pick, quantity and put location — making the process completely foolproof for the operator.

In addition:

  • Cut supermarket reconfiguration time by 5x
  • Reduce operator training time to under an hour
  • Increase accuracy to 99.9%

Proven to increase Pick rates by 25%!

No Training or Re-training Necessary

Standard Work: this simple & intuitive system includes visual indicators and instruction right on the View Tag, and requires little to no training — providing for ease of system and/or new operator deployment.

  • Screen instructions automatically direct operator from pick to put location
  • Eliminates need for hand-held equipment or fixed readers

Simple Wireless Deployment

Re-Configurability: Logiscend requires no wired infrastructure, unlike complex pick-to-light options the Pick application module provides simple installation and re-configurability where you need it – when you need it.

  • Easily create temporary pick locations based on demand and volume
  • No hard-wired infrastructure is required allowing for line rebalancing

Real-Time Visual Instruction and Indicators for Operators

The Visual Factory: The Logiscend Pick Application Module improves the communication of information and the accuracy of the process.

  • The View Tag provides 2-way communication with both instruction & operator feedback to confirm pick, put or other activity
  • Address process issues in real-time with dynamic instruction

Manager dashboards and reporting for pick rates, delivery timing & alerts

Monitor KPIs: Dashboards provide pick rates, delivery metrics and alerts to optimize process performance in real-time.

  • Analyze bottlenecks to improve throughput
  • Balance processes and eliminate waste (Muda)
  • Connects easily to existing ERP/MES/WMS systems

Pick Application Demo Video

Pick Application Webinar Video

Logiscend combines the strengths of RF picking, visual logistics and traditional, pick-to-light systems to improve accuracy from 99.7 to 99.97%


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Get the right parts to the right place
at the right time with Logiscend!

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