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Getting the right parts to the right place at the right time is essential in any factory. The Panasonic Logiscend Replenishment Application ensures your operators never run out of parts at any point in the process.

Parts replenishment is a key function in any manufacturing operation. The Panasonic Logiscend System allows an operator to “call” for parts or services by pressing a button on the VIEW Tag, having the tag “auto call” via an optional sensor, or ordering parts with a tablet and immediately receiving a response via a “call sent” message right on the tag. The warehouse receives the message and executes the pick. Delivery is then scheduled via configurable routes and instruction is sent to the driver for pickup. The entire system is wireless, enabling low installation costs and quick reconfiguration for a dynamic factory.

Proven to reduce material handling cost 25%!

Standard work: No training or re-training necessary

This simple and intuitive system includes visual indicators and instruction right on the VIEW Tag for the operator, warehouse and driver.  Visual instruction and automatic driver routes require little to no training – providing for ease of use and deployment. 

  • Automated call is triggered when rack or bins are empty, eliminating opportunity for error in parts call
  • Eliminates need for manual replenishment flags and material handler “searching”
  • Increases employee retention rates with highly simplified system (less training required)

Monitor KPIs: Manager & driver dashboards

Create data never before available for visibility into individual calls, picks and deliveries, helping you to understand pinch-points to ensure efficiency and opportunities for process improvement in real-time.

  • Analyze bottlenecks to improve throughput 
  • Balance processes and eliminate waste (Muda) 
  • Connects easily to existing ERP/MES/WMS systems

Re-configurability: Simple wireless deployment

The Logiscend system requires no wired infrastructure so it is easy to reconfigure or add in a part change on the fly – no IT involvement is necessary.

  • Dynamic supermarket capability  
  • No hard-wired infrastructure is required, easy to reconfigure zones 
  • Reduces capital purchases, fewer racks and containers necessary

Visualize performance: Panasonic Logiscend InSights Software

Improve efficiency. Lower cost. Reduce inventory.
The power of industrial IoT can only be fully realized
if the data that is generated is gathered, visualized
and analyzed. 

  • Powerful visualization and business intelligence tool that analyzes data over time 
  • Maximize efficiency and improve operational processes by visualizing performance across plants

Replenishment Application Overview Video

Replenishment Application How It Works Video

Panasonic Logiscend InSights Software

  • Powerful visualization and business intelligence tool that analyzes data over time
  • Maximize efficiency and improve operational processes by visualizing performance across plants
Panasonic Logiscend InSights Software

Logiscend combines the strengths of RF picking, visual logistics, and traditional pick-to-light systems to improve accuracy to 99.97%


Replenishment Brochure

Success Story

Detroit Parts Replenishment


Overview Sellsheet

Get the right parts to the right place
at the right time with Logiscend!

To learn about the Logiscend Difference and how the Replenishment Application works — download our Replenishment Application brochure.

Professional services  

Panasonic is your trusted integrated solutions partner, committed to helping improve your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs), including productivity, quality, ­and cost targets. Our ultimate goal — enterprise-wide operational excellence. We offer a full suite of services which can be individually customizable to provide all support necessary for a successful program.


Proper site planning and preparation is critical to large-scale equipment installation. From preliminary designs, to complete implementation specifications and solution testing, the Panasonic Logiscend Professional Service Group is ready to support your efforts. We will consult with you to understand your workflow, then design the right hardware and software solution for your facility. We can help you achieve your strategic objectives and assist in configuring a material flow management solution that meets your goals.

Installation & implementation

Our Installation & Implementation Services help you deploy the Logiscend System with minimal disruption. Services range from project management, hardware and software installation support, IT integration, system setup and configuration, user and administrator knowledge transfer and training, as well as user acceptance test supervision and documentation. We utilize the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide and standards.


Maintenance & support

Our expert maintenance and support team are dedicated to maximizing your investment and helping you drive performance and usability. In addition to repair services, we offer remote equipment monitoring and preventive maintenance. Your annual subscription entitles you to the latest software releases ensuring you are up to date with new features and security enhancements.

Engineering services

We have a team of experienced hardware and software engineers that can be deployed should your workflow require a unique implementation. We will work with your team to document scope, cost and an implementation timeline. If your organization has specific goals or conditions which must be met, our Engineering Services department will consult closely with your team to design and implement the best and most appropriate solution for your needs.

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