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Smart Container: Never Lose Another Container with Real-time Tracking

Containers are the most effective way to transport materials through a manufacturing environment and will be the key to achieving Smart Materials — a core tenet of the IoT initiative for manufacturing, Industry 4.0.

The Logiscend solution is an exponential leap forward in gaining full process control in the connected factory. With self-directed containers that provide real-time location visibility, you’ll never lose another container or be short of crucial material lineside again.

One System: The Logiscend Smart Container module works together with its Pick, Replenishment and Work Instructions modules for a complete material flow management solution.

20% of containers are reported lost on an annual basis; costing companies millions of dollars

The Visual Factory

  • View Tags provide visual instruction for individual containers
  • Hands-free simple communication between “smart containers” and humans at key points of interest in the process ensures correct instruction and delivery

Standard Work

  • Little to no training or retraining is required as View tags tell operators exactly what to do
  • A simple button push by operators begins a new job or verifies process completion

Location Services

  • Full visibility of individual containers as they move through the process
  • Alerts operator when container has arrived at wrong location
  • Count empty containers and allocate to process stations in real time

Manager dashboards and reporting for location, delivery timing & alerts

  • Analyze bottlenecks to improve throughput
  • Balance processes and eliminate waste (Muda)
  • Connects easily to existing ERP/MES/WMS systems

As factories adapt to become more flexible in accommodating dynamic manufacturing processes (more models on the same line, more customizations), “smart containers” tell the people and machines in the process what to do with them. IoT-based connected environments enable a dramatic increase in productivity and flexibility through simple communication between smart containers and humans in the process.

IoT World Congress 2018

Smart Container Application How It Works Video

Smart Container Application Webinar Video

Ensures accurate, point of use instruction improving efficiency and quality!


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