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Our goal is to improve the enterprise manufacturing process

Panasonic is creating the first common platform for material flow management. See how we can supercharge your plant's efficiency.

Pick-to-light vs. the Panasonic Logisecend solution


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Customer Success Story: Increasing Accuracy and Efficiency On Automotive Production Lines

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Smart material flow. Accurate kitting.
Easy start, small investment.

Panasonic is building the world’s best line-level platform for enterprise manufacturing —
the Logiscend™ industrial IoT solution for intelligent material flow management.

The Logiscend solution consists of:

  • The software platform for integration with multiple workflows and facilities
  • The wireless hardware for tracking and tracing assets
  • The engineering support to design and implement the best solution for your needs

Panasonic’s unique modular approach to material flow management integrates seamlessly with your corporate ERP/MES system. With easily changeable wireless installation configurations based on your plant’s pain points — Kitting (Pick and Replenishment), Container Flow Management (Asset Tracking and Smart Containers), Work Instructions and more — the breadth of the Logiscend system cannot be matched.

Logiscend has a proven track record with years of use in enterprise just-in-sequence assembly lines — proven to be reliable, proven to reduce costs and improve workforce accuracy, proven to be easily scalable for multiple assembly lines and plant locations. Talk to our solutions engineers for easy answers.


Why Logiscend?

Quick installation process

Quick installation process

The Logiscend material flow management solution is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to fit into your budget. Panasonic has done the hard work up front — creating the Logiscend software platform with integrated hardware — so specifying and installing the entire system for your plant is both fast and easy, compared to custom-built solutions.

We take pride in our unique ability to get the material flow management system online quickly, keeping your downtime to the bare minimum. The Logiscend solution integrates seamlessly into your plant IT infrastructure, and the system’s wireless capability makes reconfiguring the lines a snap, reducing downtime even further. Once the first system is in place, additional systems are even easier to install, allowing you to stretch your budget further. Find out how long your system installation will take.

Improve workforce accuracy

Our research into plant productivity trends shows that worker turnover is affecting production, and new worker training is consuming valuable time and resources.

With Logiscend, your workforce will benefit from interactive displays, dynamic instructions, and ease of use — with low to little training required. Your bottom line will benefit from reduction in errors, improved production, and significantly reduced training time. See how the Logiscend Kitting applications improved worker efficiency.

Improve workforce accuracy

Better visibility to your assets and processes

Better visibility to your assets and processes

Ditch the paper labels and enter the world of Industry 4.0. Logiscend is a data-driven system, and data is the key to Industry 4.0. Our constantly evolving software and active/passive RFID technology — such as the interactive, paperless display tags — allow full advantage of location-aware assets with visibility over multiple production years.

Our Replenishment solution accounts for missing and broken parts — a true just-in-sequence solution — and the threshold alerts eliminate the need to have workers walking the line to check inventory. Our Asset Tracking and Smart Container applications provide visibility of material throughout the entire manufacturing process, allowing you to trace assets and containers over time, and benefit from automatic data collection. The Logiscend system can help your company save substantial amounts in missing parts and extra labor by streamlining your operations, reducing waste and optimizing labor.

Reduce the complexity in your factories

Enterprise manufacturing facilities have too many moving parts to easily accommodate multiple custom applications from small integrators. Panasonic can help with Logiscend: one reliable platform for material flow management which includes hardware, software, and the engineering services to provide the best solution for your specific needs.

One platform means that all of the lines in the factory and all of the factories in your network can be integrated on one software platform, with easy-to-use dashboard metrics at line level and seamless integration with your corporate ERP/MES system. One platform means less work for your IT Department, and less training required for your workforce. One platform means a win for Industry 4.0 manufacturing optimization — especially since it is supported by the engineering prowess of one of the most respected companies in the world. Panasonic is reinventing the factory with deep system expertise, legendary reliability and Logiscend. See how one platform can benefit your factory.

Reduce the complexity in your factories

The confidence to win

We are confident that after you experience the benefits of Logiscend on your first assembly line, you will wish to expand the installation across multiple lines and multiple plants. Our team of dedicated engineers and the entire Panasonic organization will stand behind you, working for your success and the success of your manufacturing facilities. Contact our Solutions Engineers now for more information.

Case Studies

Auto supplier cuts labor in half, reduces training time by 90%, and boosts accuracy to 99.8% with Logiscend’s Pick and Replenishment modules.

To thrive and grow as a Tier 1 global manufacturer of auto seating systems and components requires precision production…and very quick turnaround times.

Using Active RFID for Yard Management and Consigned Inventory Tracking

Managing consigned inventory across customer sites can be quite risky. With differing inventory methods and software systems, suppliers who are providing inventory and tracking its lifecycle are met with a serious challenge.


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