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Finally, a material flow
management solution for
complex manufacturing
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An Industrial IoT Solution for Modern Manufacturing from Panasonic

Just-in-sequence manufacturing is putting new demands on managing material flow. Logiscend provides a powerful end-to-end IoT system that gets the right parts to the right place at the right time. Smartly. Simply. Only Logiscend provides a full turnkey, highly visible, and truly paperless Smart Material solution that improves transparency, accuracy and flexibility while reducing costs

Logiscend is the first IoT-based system to offer a true paperless workflow for manufacturing. Our solution combines the immediate reliability and visual instruction inherent with paper labels along with automated tracking, and capability for two-way human interaction – all inherent in Industrial IoT technologies (and with a 12–18 month ROI!).

What makes Logiscend different than other Material Flow Management solutions? It’s simple — traditional paper labeling provides simple visual instruction, but with minimal tracking and automation. RFID provides the tracking but fails to provide the visual instruction or two-way communication/verification necessary for workers. Only Logiscend combines these elements to form a powerful new paradigm — instruct + track + dynamic control — enabling smart manufacturing for an IoT world.

The Panasonic Logiscend System
A complete solution


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