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Flexibility — unplanned satisfaction from your material flow management digitization

When you begin on the path to digitizing and streamlining your material flow management, you will have some specific, tangible benefits in mind. These tangible benefits are part of your rationale to justify the effort and cost of your upgrade—for Panasonic customers, typically in less than a year.

Tangible benefits, for sure.

You’ll experience immediate cost savings from cutting out a lot of paper. You’ll have a significant labor savings—in the current tight labor market, every FTE saved is a happy circumstance indeed. You’ll realize greatly improved picking accuracy and faster replenishment times—which can keep your manufacturing line moving and avoid downtime. And you’ll receive in-depth, real-time information about your material flow processes that will let you plan for success and avoid issues before they become problems.

Material flow management transformation gives you the flexibility to be a better manager.

AUGMENTED REALITYIn addition to the tangible advantages of going digital with your material flow management, there’s another major benefit that is even more satisfying. It comes from the increased flexibility you’ll have as a result of your digital transformation. Move your material flow management away from paper and into an electronic system that works in real time, and—SHAZAM!—you automatically become a more capable, more powerful manager.

When you know you can reconfigure your supermarket in an hour or two (instead of in weeks), it means you’re ready to react to a supply chain issue that changes the assembly sequence. When a major customer comes to your plant with an order that requires a new workflow, you’re in control of every step—from picking and kitting new parts to electronically changing the work instructions, triggered by the arrival of smart containers at the appropriate operators’ workstations.

Where’s my forklift?Where’s my forklift?

When you need an asset—like a forklift that was last seen heading toward a forklift rodeo—you can track it instantly and know exactly where in the plant to find it.

Getting it back before the championship round and prizes are awarded—that’s out of our control.