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Article: Siemens Görlitz Advancing Final Assembly Process with Logiscend

Siemens Energy and Panasonic have partnered on a pilot program to expand IIoT-based material flow processes using the Panasonic Logiscend System, a smart material flow management solution for complex, discrete manufacturing, at the Siemens industrial steam turbine manufacturing plant located in Görlitz, Germany.

Panasonic - Seimens
The material flow management system piloted at Siemens’ Görlitz facility will focus on the visualization of pallet or load carrier labels and their location in the facility. The material flow process will be enhanced through digitalization, paperless material handling and real time location services enabled by Logiscend. Benefits will include an increase in transparency, the ability to obtain more information, increased reaction speed in the event of deviations, and minimized search effort throughout the manufacturing and assembly process.

The final assembly process at Siemens Görlitz takes place in a dynamic environment through project-related adaptation of the layout, size variations of the turbines, material and turbine delivery, intermediate storage of large components, crane traffic, and stacking of pallets in mobile shelves. The Panasonic Logiscend Software enables Siemens to create an efficient workflow process by tracking materials and containers through data visualization displays and analytics, offering real-time insight on pallets or load carrier labels and their location.

Logiscend enables visualization of the shopping cart label to display general manufacturing information, such as the turbine name and number and component assembly, and next steps in the assembly process. Logiscend’s visualization tool also provides display of the destination for transport processes, including checking for correctness using a positioning system, picking information for easier work and time saving, and bidirectional communication through a feedback button.

With Logiscend, Siemens Görlitz can equip and link the shopping baskets in logistics through localization of the baskets and other large components. The localization tool can be utilized to determine the presence of materials in the factory hall and storage locations with an accuracy of plus or minus 3 meters, if they were allocated to storage locations or if they are within 3 meters of the factory hall. Additionally, Logiscend’s visual display tool compensates for inaccuracies and provides a further level of identification for the materials or containers.

Following the pilot completion, Panasonic IIoT Solutions and Siemens Energy hope to grow a long-term partnership for the digitalization of material flow processes. Once the Logiscend solution is widely adopted and established at Siemens Energy in Görlitz, it is expected to be offered to the entire Siemens Energy Group.