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The Easy Solution to Missing Parts

Scanning a factory floor for the material you need can be a tedious, time-consuming process. Can you locate the asset using only your eyes? We’d bet Logiscend provides a simpler solution.

Imagine this: you’re on the factory floor, attempting to assemble a piece of equipment. With customized consumer demands and soaring productivity quotas, there’s not a minute to lose.

However, not every part, or asset, is quick and easy to locate in such a large manufacturing plant. And even a minute’s hesitation can cost big time.

Reading the operating procedure, you determine the next asset needed for assembly — but it’s not at your workstation. It doesn’t seem familiar. Where would those even be?

You trigger the andon, signaling for help.

If this scenario feels familiar, whether from personal experience or otherwise, you’re likely not alone. And even if the asset is found after looking for a few minutes, that’s a waste of time that would push back productivity levels.

For manufacturing workers, as well as their managers and executives, time is of the essence. And with so many assets packed together, getting the right part to the right place at the right time can be a significant challenge. That’s why manufacturers are leveraging Panasonic’s Logiscend System to help bridge the gap.

Logiscend is an IIoT material flow management solution that combines the power of wireless Panasonic VIEW Tags with Logiscend hardware and software to help complex manufacturing operations ensure accuracy and productivity. The complete solution includes applications for Picking, Replenishment, Smart Containers, Asset Tracking and Work Instructions.

So what is meant by Smart Containers?

First, Logiscend’s VIEW tags are placed on containers or other assets throughout the factory floor. The VIEW tags combine the tracking capability of RFID with the readability of an e-paper display. Instructions can be sent to operators like a paper label, but they can be updated instantly based on the software knowing the container location. A button on the VIEW tag enables 2-way communication so the operator can confirm an action or signal that something is wrong.In layman’s terms, these electronic smart tags can report tag and container location and status instantly to management, who can then relay these details to workers on the floor. Constant communication allows for a seamless flow of information that keeps production moving at a steady pace.

The maps below visualize where an asset or container is located directly in the Logiscend software.

In fact, Logiscend’s audit log dashboard shows location coordinates and provides information such as time and alerts for real-time tracking.

And that’s not all. Smart tags can change in an instant to provide quick, accurate instruction to operators as changes in production or priority occur. This provides a level of flexibility that’s near impossible with paper labeling.

Help your employees help you

By ensuring workers know where material is located and what to do next, manufacturers can keep productivity levels high even during worker shortages. As companies evolve, adopting smart manufacturing is a smart strategy to drive growth for years to come. And Panasonic’s Logiscend System, complete with smart VIEW tags, is a great way to begin that journey.