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Three Ways Digital Work Instruction is even Smarter Than You Think

Digital Work Instruction means getting rid of confusing, outdated, and wasteful paper communications and putting the right information in front of the right employees exactly when they need it. It can be used on its own to improve quality and productivity or combined with other digital applications to maximize the benefits to your business.

There are a lot of reasons to make the move to digital instruction, but here are the top three:

1. More Accurate Information

You know how much you rely on experienced trainers, mentors, and supervisors when facing high turnover of operators performing increasingly complex tasks. Digital Work Instruction is like having your most experienced manager on every job, every day. And centralizing your database of instruction enables you to keep it updated and readily available and have the same approved instructions in place for your operators across your entire operations.

Unlike traditional documents, digital work instructions make is easier for your operators to learn complex tasks. The guidance is easier to read and understand and can include any combination of clear text, informative graphics, QR codes and diagrams that can be enlarged as needed.

2. Better Manufacturing Performance

It’s much easier to reconfigure your operations and put production lines and people exactly where you need them when your work instruction is digital. You can instantly send instruction where it’s needed as changes to your layout and flow happen. Paper instruction is not only more time consuming and difficult to redeploy and keep current, but it also requires additional costs of paper, ink, and labor.

Digital work instruction helps reduce errors and improve quality even more when you combine it with digital asset management. Containers entering your production workstations can be fitted with asset tracking tags and they can trigger the correct instructions to be presented to the operator based on their location.. One operator can receive different instruction based on which container is delivered—providing you with even more production flexibility and productivity.

You can also facilitate two-way communication when instruction is digital. Operators not only receive the most up-to-date information, but they can also use the system to alert their supervisor of immediate action needed if they encounter any defects or mistakes.

3. Easier Compliance and Tracking

When instruction for every assembly is digital and centralized, you have extensive audit capabilities. All information about the assembly being performed by the operator stays as a record from beginning to end. You will have an accurate, digital record of which parts, tools and processes were used and all actions or alerts made by the operator. You can easily track where supplies are going, which machines need service and which assemblies need to be checked.

Combining digital work instruction with digital asset tracking provides great insights for continuous improvement opportunities. With a time-stamp record of each process, every defect noted, and accurate knowledge of which materials were used where, you have the information you need to streamline production for the most efficient workflow.

Your one choice for digital work instruction transformation

Logiscend brings together everything you need to improve work instruction and asset tracking across your operations:

Panasonic Logiscend Work Instruction ApplicationWork Intruction

You can enable timely and accurate operator instruction and feedback within complex manufacturing environments with this wireless, paperless, IIoT solution that optimizes compliance and training by providing operator instructions electronically. The Work Instructions Application eliminates paper and provides the ability to send the appropriate instruction to a monitor or tablet on the factory floor to instruct the operators automatically.


Panasonic Logiscend Smart Container Application

Smart Container

Whether you need to find an empty container to begin a job, deliver parts or complete a tool calibration, the Logiscend Smart Container Application, featuring Panasonic VIEW Tags and Logiscend Software, provides a wireless, paperless, IIoT solution that is faster, more cost efficient and greener than paper labels.

Add this paperless solution to track the location, contents and status of containers cycling through process and inventory and provide the most timely and accurate operator instruction. As a part arrives in the work cell, operators can instantly see the build or work instructions appear via a web browser. And with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) RTLS tags on your material bins, work instructions change when material position changes by less than 1 meter*.

Learn more about the Panasonic Logiscend Digital Work Instruction Application right here