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Logiscend (formerly ProVIEW)

Material flow management solutions for complex manufacturing. Building efficiencies and ensuring quality with real time process visibility and dynamic instructions.

Logiscend material flow management solution


Fact Sheet

Logiscend fact sheet

Logiscend Fact Sheet



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Success Story

Logiscend customer success story

Detroit Build Book

Success Story

Logiscend customer success story. Detroit

Detroit Parts Replenishment

“Unlike traditional electronic tagging systems, Logiscend’s Visual Tags give us the ability to not only track our materials, but control the process flows right on the factory floor in real time. The process visibility and control has created a number of efficiencies for us — not to mention the savings from the paper use.”

– North American Auto Manufacturer, IT Manager

2018 Best Practices Award

Logiscend combines the power of visual or View Tags (active and passive RFID), along with software and hardware components to provide a complete tracking and dynamic material flow management solution— ensuring factories always get the right parts, to the right place, at the right time.

  • Know more about WIP and location with “smart containers”
  • Direct materials & workflows in real time based on current flow or issues
  • Automatically change operator instructions & container routing as conditions merit
  • Do more with resources — no paper, printing or manual deployment!

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